Tyres wearing on inside edges???

Car Torque steers heavily???

Car unstable under braking???

Chances are you have an issue with your Front lower suspension arms.

At Area-Six we realise this, and have produced a range of products to reduce and eliminate these symptoms and give a positive driving experience.

Why does it occur??

Lowering of any car affects camber angles that the car left the factory with. The result is uneven tyre wear and a tendency to wear out bushes on a frequent basis. On all current Ford FWD vehicles no facility exists to adjust camber, and we have addressed this with the following.

Combine the above with flexible bush material and maybe a boost in HP, and you have a car that only drives well on the motorway (whilst cruising)

What do we offer??

Two options currently available

Camber adjustment only – 15mm lateral monion of the ball joint is provided, and this is sufficient to restore factory camber, or increase it for track day action.

Model Price
Fiesta Mk3 £120
Fiesta Mk 3.5 £130
Fiesta Mk4-5 £140
Fiesta Mk 6 £140
Escort Mk 5-6 £120
Focus Mk 1 (excl RS*) £145
Focus Mk 2 £145

*For RS please enquire

Camber Adjustment and Replacement of Bushes with Spherical Bearings – as above, plus the removal of the any rubber bushes with vertical bolt installations and replacement with a Steel assembly with Teflon lined spherical bearing. This has a drastic improvement in stability during acceleration and braking, and allows the suspension to work correctly through the bends without deviation permitted by rubber bushes. Models limited.

Model Price
Fiesta Mk3 £285
Fiesta Mk 3.5 £295
Fiesta Mk4-5 £220
Escort Mk 5-6 £285

These are suitable for road use.