Why Bother?

Our research and development of the ‘Zetec Turbo’ has been extensive and as a result we are able to offer the following packages of upgrades to our customers.

Camshafts and valvetrain play a major part in dictating not only the ultimate power, but the power delivery too. We appreciate that the quickest car in any ‘head to head’ race will be the one that boosts up quickest and hangs on to the power the longest.

The required camshaft duration and lift within a turbocharged application is very different to that of Naturally Aspirated engines. A pair of fast road cams would not be welcome in a turbocharged application. When choosing an exhaust cam profile we have considered that utilisation of the ‘burn’ is essential to achieve the maximum torque figures, and the mechanism with which the exhausted gases exit the cylinder has significant impact upon turbine spool. With Inlet cams, the goal is to provide a ‘window of opportunity’ to fill the cylinder, with minimal overlap, and early valve closing to achieve our target dynamic compression ratio.

The Valve spring is responsible for keeping the valve under control - Due to the extreme manifold pressures experienced in Turbocharged applications (exhaust manifolds can experience 2.5 – 3.0 x Boost, e.g. 65+psi), valve seating and cam nose pressures need elevating to prevent float, which appears to the uninitiated as a mis-fire. With a T3 turbo, this is usually detected around 5500rpm. Many Focus RS owners complain about this mis-fire and attempt to cure it with uprated Coil, plugs and leads……

Area-Six Products – Only available from Area-Six
We have several ranges of camshafts and valves springs, all sets maximise the power band and response, and are available for hydraulic or mechanical followers. We do not retail these through any traders.


FFMZT 1 is designed to run on any specification cylinder head and Compression Ratio, and primarily suited to engines between 250 and 400HP. The camshaft combination encourages a very early and urgent turbine spool, mixed with a strong upper RPM HP gain. When tested upon a 300HP engine, these cams reduced the boost threshold by 400rpm, produced 25lb-ft additional torque, and permitted an additional 34HP at 6500RPM with no change in boost pressure. The owner said his car was transformed, even though it only had an additional 10% in power, the response, drivability and overall power delivery exceeded his expectations. We utilise these camshafts in the majority of customer engine builds.

The SVSZT valve spring complements this package perfectly, preventing valve float (and associated misfires) upto 20psi or 7000rpm. This package is as fitted into the Paul Ripley/ Paul Roberts Fiesta which currently holds the 0-100mph record for a FWD Ford of 9.54 seconds. See Below for more details.

Boost response ?
For those looking purely to boost response on their Focus RS or Zetec Turbo, we offer just the exhaust camshaft FFMZT 1 Ex. This will sharpen the response and boost Torque throughout the powerband on any turbocharged 1.8/2.0 Zetec.

Extreme Power
For the customer searching for the more extreme power figure, we offer several other packages.

The Big turbo engines need a set of cams that will admit and dispel the airflow they provide, this is why we developed the FFMZT 2 cams. These do not compromise drivability, nor ruin spool. What the do is allow the torque curve to be moved higher up the RPM band, working in conjunction with the turbine and compressor requirements of GR30R, GT35R and T series turbochargers. The Extreme power packages have been utilised my Paul Johnson in his 179.9mph Fiesta and by Sunny Khalsa in his 178.8mph Fiesta.

The FFMZT 2 cams can be fitted to any engine in any state of tune, and will provide improvement in the upper RPM area’s, but response and drivability will remain standard (no worse!).

We offer a full range of Camshafts for Naturally Aspirated engines and also for the ST170 cylinder head. Please email your requirements.

Zetec Turbo Camshafts Application Power band Price
FFMZT 1 In/Ex Upto 400HP 2600-7600 £420
FFMZT 2 In/Ex Over 400HP 3200 – 7850 £420
FFMZT 1 Ex Only use with Factory inlet - instant boost £210

All cams are available for Hydraulic or Mechanical follower profile

Valve train

Our development of the best Turbocharged zetec’s in the UK quickly highlighted the lack of available valve springs for these applications. We tested the products generally available from traditional aftermarket suppliers, but these failed to provide the level of control we required. As a result, we developed our own spring packages. The easy fit ‘single’ spring kit is ideally suited to engines with an upper RPM limit of 7000@20psi. These do however permit 25+psi at 5500rpm, making them ideal for the majority of motors tuned for highway use.

The SVSZT valve spring assembly is available for both Silver top and Black top (inc Focus RS) engines, preventing valve float (and associated misfires) upto 20psi @ 7000rpm

SVSZT - Single valve spring for silver top engines - £140

Kit Includes;
16No Valve springs

SVSRS - Single valve spring upgrade for Black Top/ Focus RS £280

Kit Includes;
16No valve springs
16No aluminium retainers

DVSZT – Double spring installation package inc springs £460 Supplied and fitted £635

Our kit to convert to dual valve springs ‘DVSZT’ is the only package available that will permit an 8200rpm rev limit and 35psi boost. This is a worthwhile addition to any engine build that wants to be ‘Future Proof’

The kit requires the removal of the existing Stem seals and guides and replacement with the components supplied. You will then have to re-cut the valve seats.

Kit includes;
16No Double Valve springs
16No Modified alloy retainers
16No Modified valve guides
16No small diameter stem seals
16No Steel spring platforms
1No Valve Guide install height tool

32mm Follower conversion – Race applications only
CNC machining of your head £220
32mm Oversize Hydraulic followers £176

Installation service available for all the above components. Please enquire via ‘tech@fiestafrenzy.co.uk