Performance Data
Vehicle Owner HP (when timed) 0-60 0-100 0-150 1/4 Mile Top Speed
Escort S2 - 2.1 ZVH Phil Holmes 265 5.52 11.82   13.95@110.87 147.8
Fiesta 2.1 ZVH Ian Howell 270 5.47 12.02   13.67@111.21 148.7
Fiesta Zetec Turbo Paul Johnson 400 4.93 9.6 18.99 12.99@119 179.8
Escort S2 ZVH Keith Taylor 250  5.36 12.03   13.98@107.6 152
Fiesta Zetec Turbo Paul Roberts 270 4.93 9.52   12.67@116 144.3
Escort Convertable ZVH Alex Knight 265 6.08 12.65   14.02@106.36  
Focus ST170 Turbo Adam Moran 420         171.3
Escort S2 2.1 ZVH Simon McBain 310 5.45 10.95   13.29@116.12 158.9
Ka 2.1 ZVH Luke Ellison 265 5.47 11.88   14.05@108.1  142.4
Fiesta Zetec Turbo Sunny Khalsa 410 5.27 10.34 19.23   178.8
Escort S1 ZVH Mike Griffin 310       13.30@111.23  
Fiesta 1.6 Turbo Andy Hughes 285       13.66@107.6 147.6
Escort 1.8 ZVH Robin Walker 265       13.99@108.2  
Escort S2 Zetec Turbo James Bentley 340       13.32@115.0  
Fiesta 1.6 Turbo Ian Howell 270       13.63@106.9 147.3
Focus Zetec Turbo Ian Howell 435 5.32 9.86 19.98 12.97@125.78 173.8
Escort S1 2.1 ZVH Wullie Young 270       13.8@110.5  

Paul Johnson – Fiesta RSTurbo 460HP Zetec Turbo
179.9mph @ 20psi - Mad as a hatter!

Like myself, Paul was a Fiesta nut who had owned his car from nearly new and had already thrown a few years salary at it. I removed his race prepped 1.6 and imported a 2.0 Zetec turbo. This was great fun and stayed in the car for 3 years. However, a ride in our Focus had him convinced he needed more, and so the deal was done – one 460HP focus engine, with all ancillaries to be fitted into a Black Fiesta. Running a 3.57 final drive ratio, Paul managed 3 runs of
179mph within 10 minutes. His ¼ mile times were irrelevant due to his race spec suspension, but we hope he will address this soon.

Sunny Khalsa – Fiesta RS Turbo 450HP Zetec Turbo
Sunny, like Paul Johnson, are the guys that have allowed me to experiment at their expense in order to achieve their ultimate goal of the fastest Fiesta’s on the planet. Sunny’s last engine incarnation (No 4) is the one that set the benchmark for all others to chase, or dream about – a 178.8mph Fiesta. Unfortunately it ended in tears with a turbo failure leading to an underbonnet fire and the destruction of the car. I’m sure he’ll be back some day soon…..

Paul Ripley – Fiesta RS 2.1 Zetec Turbo 270HP
All he wanted was a ¼ time of 14.00s dead. The rest is history!
When Performance Ford mag timed Paul’s Fiesta, shock is the best description of our facial expressions when we saw the figures. 0-60 in 4.87s, and 0-100 in 11.3s, and a 12s ¼ to boot. When he sold the car to Paul Roberts, we knew it had a little more to give, and it did. Currently holding the UK record for a FWD Ford with 0-100 in 9.5secs. And it still only runs 17psi and 270HP.

Paul Cheshire – Fiesta Mk 3.5 Zetec Turbo
The ‘Urban Myth’ – a Fiesta Turbo with a 522HP lump – never seen by anyone, so does it exist?? Of course it does! But when you’ve spent all your money on the engine, finishing the car takes even more time and money!! Paul will hit the highway late in 2007 if funds permit, and he’s after a few records too!

Ian Nathan – Escort S1 RS Turbo 2.1 ZE-VH
My first 2.1 ZE-VH customer, better known as the ‘SPEC-R’ show car
A very nice S1 that ticked all the boxes.

Keith Robertson – Focus RS
A victim of track day action, Keith came to me for a rebuild following a meltdown of his mildly modded standard engine. As is generally the case, once it’s apart the shopping list grows! Overbored, longer rods, custom pistons, ported head, custom cams and valve springs, Uprated fuel pump, Pectel T2 management, 600cc injectors, front mount intercooler, tubular exhaust manifold…….it’s hard to stop, isn’t it Keith! He doesn’t know it yet, but he will be wanting a larger turbo very soon!

Marcus Babitoni - Vauxhall Astra 2.1 XE Turbo - 370HP
Mark is a mate from my home town who i've helped for several years to create on of the fastest Vauxhall's on the street. he's Taken the usual approach of custom everything! Spec sheet says it all! 2.0ltr 16v Turbo, Arias forged pistons, custom steel rods, fully worked cylinder head, custom tubular manifold, 3 inch tube torque exhaust system from turbo back, Area-Six T34, Pectel management, custom inlet plenum, solid lifters, Area-Six cams, various custom components to get it to run on pectel, custom intercooler and pipework, custom breather system, paddle clutch with uprated cover, Quaife straight cut gear kit with ATB, GrpN Suspension all round, 310mm discs with wilwood 4 pots, custom fuel tank mounted in spare wheel well incorporating ATL 3 door collector.

James Bentley aka ‘SOY’ – Escort S2 Zetec Turbo
The car and owner are both well known throughout the Ford scene in the UK, and when James had £8000 to spend on his next engine, and had a choice ��� Zetec turbo or RWD cossie power. James paid for 320HP of Zetec Turbo with custom manifolds and Pectel management. I accidentally gave him 384HP. He drove the car for 12 months then stripped it for parts because ‘it was too fast’. The engine now resides in a S1 Escort and SOY is history.

Keith Taylor – Escort S2 RS Turbo 2.1 ZE-VH 250HP
A heavily polished car with a very simple conversion to suit Keith’s budget. This car only ever ran a max boost of 14psi but still is one of the fastest ever timed ERST’s to 60, managing it in 5.6s, and the 100mph in 12.1s. His best ¼ mile was 13.99 at 107mph.

Alex Knight – Escort Convertible 2.1 ZE-VH turbo
Alex’s White cabrio had been on the Ford scene with it’s 2.1 ZE-VH since 2000. It was capable of 14.00 second passes with the roof down, but was best known for the noise it made on gearchanges – the loudest turbo chatter most of Britain has ever heard. The car has been dismantled now, and His brother Ollie has taken the engine for his Escort Mk5, and Alex has now fitted a full Zetec Turbo into his partners (Faye) White escort cabrio.

Luke Ellison – Ka 2.1 ZE-VH
Luke’s Ka started life as a 1.3 base model. He added the SportKa bodypanels and Mitsubishi Evo seats, whilst I supplied a 250HP ZE-VH. We fitted a basic 2.1 short motor, our ‘Budget’ big valve head, a CVH35 camshaft, and my spec T3 turbo. It only run’s at 15psi due to intercooler limitations within the engine bay. The car was a perfect balance for a daily driver that could glue itself to any automotive exotica between 30 and 130mph. Luke has sold the car and it’s now in another enthusiasts hands.

Simon McBain – Escort S2 2.1 ZE-VH Turbo – 350HP+
The ‘ultimate’ street sleeper, and one of my personal favorates! The car looks absolutely bog standard from the outside, from ride height to rear drum brakes.
Under the bonnet is another story – This car has the best of all we can provide to give the ultimate driving tool. 325lb/ft at 2500rpm and 337HP at 7000rpm. That is one hell of a powerband, and currently holds the record for fastest 0-100 for a NoS free Escort at 10.95 secs. It also clocked 158.9mph @ 18psi.

Ian Howell - Focus Duratec Turbo
My current baby – She has sported several developments of my Zetec turbo engines, and is best remembered for lunching the gearbox off the start-line at ‘Ten of the Best 1’, on it’s very first run in anger. Once I’d sorted the beefier transmission, 0-100 in 9.8 secs was recorded along with a 1/4 mile pass of 12.96 @ 125.98mph before having a mis-fire at 173.8mph. The car had potential for 180+ but I sold the engine for the Duratec project….

Phil Holmes – Escort S2 2.1 ZE-VH Turbo
This 270HP motor is a great example of how simplicity can give the best results for a sensible budget. 0-60 in 5.4 secs, and 0-100 under 12 seconds. 2.1 short motor, Big Valve head, CVH 35 cam and a T34. Not much more to say on the engine front except it works danm well! Phil built the car from a shell, and left out any part that added weight and not performance. It’s lack of weight means the engines power is magnified to give instant response and acceleration at the touch of the Loud Pedal. The car is for sale at £5k. email Area-Six for more information.

Dan Arrowsmith – Escort S2 Zetec Turbo
A car fit for a wall poster! Dan’s project will be finished late in 2007, but when it is, it’ll be the best S2 the world has ever seen, and will back it up with 500HP+ worth of Punch. More photo’s available upon request!

Adam Moran aka ‘Big Ad’ – Focus Turbo (R.I.P)
Adam is an enthusiast who has found out the hard way that with speed comes danger. His Focus was fitted with a 420HP st170 turbo package, capable of propelling his road trim Focus to 171mph. What Adam couldn’t allow for was the rear tyre failure at 171mph that nearly took his life, but did destroy his car. Be warned!

David Watts aka ‘Carisma Dave’ – Fiesta Zetec Turbo
Show and shine is what the car appears to be about, especially when you see the interior, but it packs a punch like few others. Powered by a 355HP Zetec engine, this car lays waste to a host of exotica when it put’s it’s mind to it. You wont see much of it at the shows in the future as David has a serious back injury that prevents him from driving it. We wish him well, and a return to a track some day soon.