Fuel System – If you want more HP, you’ll need to flow more fuel!!

Fuel Injectors

We stock and supply a range of High and Low impedance injectors for a range of road and race applications, available in top and side feed to suit your vehicle.

To help you choose, consider how much HP you want per cylinder. Multiply that number by 4.7. The answer should give you a figure in cc/min for each injector. For engines with higher RPM capability (8000+) please email for advice

Low Impedence – Top Feed – Bosch Style

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High Impedence – Top Feed – Bosch Style
235cc/min – Bosch ‘701’ £63.99
330cc/min – Weber IW 31 £59.99
385cc/min – Weber IW 058/158 £66.99
410cc/min £58.99
440cc/min £58.99
625cc/min £59.99
Weber ‘Pico’ short injectors
WIWP 069 £62.99
WIWP 043 £62.99

Fuel Pressure Regulators
A poorly performing regulator can cause running issues on a well sorted motor, which is why we always advise an upgraded regulator is considered when attempting a performance upgrade
Weber regulator, 3.2 – 4.1 bar – ‘O’ ring fitment £75.99
Weber regulator, 3.2 to 4.1 bar – ¼” hose tail fitment £75.99
Weber 2.7, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 bar button regulator £83.99
Weber 4.5bar button regulator £182.50
Aeromotive Twin Port adjustable £127.99

Performance and Replacement Fuel pumps.

Any engine upgrade to power levels greater than 25% of the manufacturers production figure should always include additional fuel flow. Without it you’ll never unlock your engines potential, and risk some expensive bills to boot!

All our pumps are designed to deliver a significant flow increase at factory operating pressures, whether 2.7, 3.5 or 3.8 bar, but also at elevated rail pressures of 5.0bar + (when boost pressure is applied to the regulator)

If you are unsure what flow delivery you will require, please ask ‘

In Tank
Fiesta 1.1/ 1.3 £95.00
Fiesta 1.4 Mpi £118.00
Fiesta 1.6/1.8 £95.00
Fiesta Turbo (200hp) £95.00
Fiesta Turbo (300HP) £118.00
Fiesta Turbo (300+) £135.00
Focus RS/ST 170 (450HP +) £149.00

Pumps for all other manufacturers models are available – please enquire!

Fuel Cell’s, Swirl Pots and Full packages

For the serious competitor, we offer custom designed fuel systems including Swirl pots and Fuel cell’s, regulators and pumps. These are all custom order and made to your requirements.