Piston and Rod package £1000

We utilise our custom forging in an 86.00mm diameter as it permits the Zetec head to flow a marginal 5% better over a standard size bore. This is a small amount, but when you want the best, you take it where you can get it. Our forgings are designed for both Turbocharged and Nitrous applications, and feature 1.5mm thick compression rings set 8.0mm from the pistons top face. They are fitted with 9310 spec Wrist Pins and feature a full skirt for quiet running. They are also internally lightened and balanced to within 0.1grams.

The rod supplied is an H beam design and fitted with ARP rod bolts. This is utilised in all our engine packages. It is 2.5mm longer than a standard Zetec/ Focus RS rod. The benefit of the additional length is additional power at the flywheel and smoother engine running.

We also provide pistons in alternate diameters (e.g. for 1.8 conversions) upon request, but at the same cost!