Inlet Manifolds

Anyone who has taken a ride in an Area-Six car will appreciate the relentless power delivery, ofter described as ‘like a bike engine’. There is a reason for this!

Following hours of engine dyno research we formulated a design of inlet manifold that will permit the Zetec engine to ‘Breathe’ without restriction. These assemblies offer zero loss of flow at the inlet valve despite the air having to turn through 90 degrees prior to cylinder entry. During back to back testing, this manifold allowed our test engine to increase both HP and RPM limit significantly. The manifold is recorded as adding an additional 50HP on a 320HP engine, and allowing significantly more on higher HP applications. Traditionally this manifold has extended the torque band by over 1400rpm, and HP is retained at high RPM that we need to use the rev limiters to prevent engine failure.

Please make no mistake – this item cannot be fitted without re-calibration of your fuelling tables.

We will add your choice of throttle body flange, and you choice and number of vacuum take-off points (Servo/ Boost gauge/ Fuel regulator/etc). The manifold is supplied with a Fuel rail and a pair of -6 JIC steel fittings.

The manifold is available for both FWD and RWD installations. If you would prefer a longer intake runner, this can also be catered for with no cost implications.

Construction is purely of aluminium, and TIG welded to the highest standards. We guarantee the manifold for the lifetime of the product. Manifolds are supplied with a matt finish.